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Firefighter on Water

waterjet-packs for firefighters
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There is a jetpack that uses pressurized water to propel a human. Firefighters could use this to enter buildings while at the same time drenching their immediate environment.

The jetpack would have to be fly-by-wire, so the firefighter has her hands free. She would also have a water-gun (the ones that emit intense blasts of atomized water, very effective). The water gun is linked to the jetpack, so firing the water-gun is computed into the vector thrust of the jetpack, providing stable flight. Also, the output of the firefighter jetpack would be less focused, making it easier to go through windows, and less hazardous to people below (also, possibly, more efficient. would require higher pressures, but that should be no problem with a fire brigade nearby.)

loonquawl, Apr 02 2009

Water-Jetpack http://www.break.co...wered-jet-pack.html
Lifting power limited by small pump. Non-issue with fire brigade [loonquawl, Apr 02 2009]

Water-Mist-Gun http://www.scdf.gov.../watermist_gun.html
design merges infantile wishes for becoming fire fighter / soldier [loonquawl, Apr 02 2009]

Hover Nozzle from Super Mario Sunshine at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia...le:Hover_Nozzle.jpg
[phoenix, Apr 02 2009]


       Have you any idea how inefficient it is to fly using impulse (the only working jetpack I know of uses fuel faster than a 747)? Don't forget that a firefighter also has breathing apparatus on their back when going in as well!   

       I hate to imagine the size of the engine powering this device, and the water required to run it... what happens if it runs out or the huge pipe is damaged? I would imagine you'd run out of feed pressure if running off a hydrant and run out of water in under a minute if running from the truck.   

       The mist gun looks like it works in the same way as the usual hose, but on the mist setting (which does exist).
Skrewloose, Apr 02 2009

       Yes, that could work i think, against certain types of fire. We'll get there in the end!
However, jetpacks are very hungry for fuel. I wonder if there's any chance of converting the hydrogen peroxide into usable water.
nineteenthly, Apr 02 2009

       The thrust is m/t*s/t, so mass expelled per time, at speed. For 500kg you need 5.000N thrust, either expel 50liters per second at 100m/s, or 5 liters at 1000m/s. Jetskis produce ~1.000N with 80 liters per second. So i guess the technological aspect is controllable. No fun in an environment with water scarcity, i admit.   

       The mist gun is actually a thoroughly baked idea (In use in Singapore), it was just a cool gadget to fit out the flying fire fighter with.
loonquawl, Apr 02 2009

       Wasn't the whole point they invented that water-jetpack for this purpose?
mitxela, Apr 02 2009

       Right now, i'm thinking that a jetpack which fractionates nitrogen or produces a stream of carbon dioxide would work better than water.
nineteenthly, Apr 02 2009


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