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Cube Pool

Cubic 'balls' played on an air cushion table
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Square pool 'cubes' could be used on a traditional size and shape table that had an air-cushion, similar to an air hockey table.

It would be very difficult to predict the angle of a shot, when the cue cube impacts a numbered cube at odd side angles to each other.

waugsqueke, Oct 18 2002


       I usually think these game modification ideas are lame. But for some reason, this one actually sounds workable. The cubes might introduce into the normal player's game the same amount of randomness that my game has. (+)   

       Top/bottom english might be a bit tough.
half, Oct 18 2002

       Not if the table were round and the cue was flat. You would have to give it a different name though, pool and billiards sound to round. It would have to be a square word like Khitzbligitz or even worse a cubed word. hmmm. Rtygorugysfvez. Or would a cubed word be a palindrome?
lazloquezos, Oct 18 2002

       <rambling tangent>It seems like with some minor modifications (addition of 6 pockets around the perimeter), an air hockey table could host a version of pool. Played with pucks instead of balls (or cubes). When playing hockey the 6 pockets would be plugged to create the ordinary straight hard perimeter of the air hocky playing surface and similar plugs would be removed from the air hockey "goals".   

       Pool would be played with the air hockey paddles instead of cues. Pool for the more 2 dimensional among us.   

       Might be difficult to keep the group of pucks sitting still before the break though. </tangent>
half, Oct 18 2002


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