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Difference Combo Pool

For players who like the combo shot.
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I just invented a new pool game. And play tested it. It's interesting (We have a pool table here at work for breaks).

This version requires combo shots in order to score, and it is fairly simple.

The rules:

- The cue ball must first strike an object ball, which then must strike another ball of higher value than the first
- You score points equalling the difference between the summed values of all pocketed balls and the value of the initial object ball
EXAMPLE: You strike the 3 ball, it combos with the 9 and 11 and you pocket the 9 and the 11. You score 17 points.
- slop counts (you do not need to call your combo)
- If you fail to combo with a ball of higher value, it is a scratch, ball-in-hand, and any pocketed balls don't score
- Scoring exception: if you pocket only the first object ball after it has struck a higher value ball, you score one point (not 0 as in 3 minus 3)
- You retain the table after every scoring shot
- You may play defense by attempting to pocket a ball without a combo; in this case you lose the table, but it is not a ball-in-hand scratch; this intent must be announced
- When a single ball remains, it may be pocketed for its face value in points
- Winner is player with highest point total after all balls are pocketed

globaltourniquet, Jan 03 2008


       Sounds interesting, I think I'll give this a try soon. [+]
imaginality, Jan 03 2008

       New rule, after a bit of play testing. On a Defense shot, you must either rail, pocket or combo. If not, table scratch.   

       Rail means any object ball or cue ball must bank off the rail, pocket means any ball sinks, combo means per game rule.   

       Dudes were kissing the nearest ball back and forth calling "defense"...
globaltourniquet, Jan 04 2008

       New rule: if you pocket on a called "defense" you keep the table, but score no points.
globaltourniquet, Jan 04 2008

       Blast, we have 15 pooltables at my work but no breaks.
zeno, Jan 04 2008

       What about cannons (billiards, in US pool parlance)?   

       Example: I play the 3 ball onto the 9 ball, intending a plant (combo). Being a clever sod, I've masséed the cue ball round the table off three cushions to cannon into the 15 ball that was perched on pocket. However, I'm not as flash as I would like and the 9 ball sticks in the jaws of the pocket.   

       Summary - I did not score through a plant, but I did pull off a decent shot.
Jinbish, Jan 04 2008

       Like the basketball player who tries a 360 hook slam dunk and clunks it off the rim? 0 points, there, Flash Gordon.
globaltourniquet, Jan 04 2008


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