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Crown-Green Pool

How to play even fancier snooker shots
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When playing snooker or pool, one relies on putting spin on the cue ball to bend its trajectory.

Bowls (ie played on a green, not tenpin) uses offset weights to bias the ball's path. A fast shot will go straight, a slow one will curve and can therefore get around obstacles, other balls etc.

Why not include this in pool/snooker? The best way to do it would probably be for both players to agree on a level of bias beforehand, and then select a cue ball to suit. Putting spin on the ball would still work, you'd just have another degree of freedom to play with.

It's not going to revolutionise pool, but it'd be an interesting novelty.

The other idea would be to adjust the table's tilt very slightly, so that shots would naturally bend in one direction. We had a table that was sloped like this; it allowed some unlikely shots.

david_scothern, Jul 06 2004


       Crown-green pool?
oneoffdave, Jul 06 2004

       sounds good would explain away my poor pool skills +
engineer1, Jul 06 2004

       The biggest problem would be the cue ball would always come to rest heavy side down, so you would need something like a golf tee to prop up the cue ball to the right angle before you would hit your shot.
ayt, Jul 06 2004

       "The other idea would be to adjust the table's tilt very slightly, so that shots would naturally bend in one direction."   

       Gee, I must play at a very futuristic pool hall -- they already have this 'feature' !! :)
not_only_but_also, Jul 06 2004

       Unfortunately my pool playing is pretty poor - my ability peaks at two pints and goes downhill very quickly from here. However I think this would be very popular with good players. Nice idea +
hazel, Jul 16 2004

       I think it would be difficult to predict how the weighted cue will play without knowing where the weight is off-set. Maybe if the cue was clear and the weight inside was visible this would make for more accurate shooting.
Mauve Herring, May 13 2005

       What about a really bent cue - they have these at New Hartley Working Men`s Soprts and Social Club and they make for an interesting game.
goatfaceKilla, May 13 2005


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