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Cucciolo II

Small efficient engine clips to bicycle
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The Cucciolo (Italian for "little puppy" -- see link) was a 49 cc four-stroke that clipped on to a bicycle and provided some extra power as well as up to 250 mpg. Some people claimed to get up to 45 mph. It allowed post war Italians cheap transportation in the form of a small, simple mail order kit.

Electric bikes are great, but they're rather heavy and expensive, and require a long time to charge. Now that gas prices are high all over the world, a small gas engine kit to adapt a bike into a moped would be great for the developing world and for financially challenged students such as myself.

The Cucciolo II (or il Cucciolo Due) would be a very similar small engine kit adapted to modern 10-speed or 21-speed bikes and with modern engine technology. Nothing very complex would be needed; a carbeurator and pushrods would be fine and cut down on costs.

discontinuuity, Jul 16 2005

Article from 'Hobbies Illustrated' June 1951 http://www.desmoducati.org/cucciolo.htm
Review of the Cucciolo kit [discontinuuity, Jul 16 2005]

Motorbike Conversion Do-It-Yourself Kit http://www.carrprec.../Pages/prod04t1.htm
This site offers the plans and will provide parts (if desired) for the dedicated do-it-yourselfer to modify and mount a standard gas string trimmer engine onto any size bicycle. From Hillsboro (West of Portland), Oregon. [jurist, Jul 17 2005, last modified Jul 21 2005]

The Velosolex http://www.velosolex.co.uk/
In production since 1946 - order yours here for £895 [wagster, Jul 17 2005]

Zipper Bicycle Motor Kit http://www.a2xtreme.com/2000/0047.htm
In Encinitas (North of San Diego, California. [jurist, Jul 21 2005]

Solex Motorized Bicycle http://www.fiveflag...bikes.com/Solex.htm
Available from a dealer in Pensacola, Florida. Note also that this dealer sells several Bicycle Engine conversion kits. [jurist, Jul 21 2005]


       I like the plan and I liked the originals - I knew the French version called the "Solex" which is still in production in Hungary and goes by the name "VeloSolex" (link). I'm just not sure if "Make a better one of those" constitutes a real idea.
wagster, Jul 17 2005

       Widely baked. I have one. Great idea though.
Madcat, Jul 17 2005

       I just love the word 'Cucciolo'. Will endeavour to fit it into normal conversation tomorrow.
moomintroll, Jul 17 2005

       Do you need a licence for one of these things? Provisional [+] if not.
Basepair, Jul 17 2005

       One addition that might qualify it as an original idea:   

       You could make an engine with a similar size and power, but with a simple mechanical injection diesel system instead of a carbeurator, spark plug, coil, etc.
discontinuuity, Jul 21 2005

       The link "Motorbike Conversion Do-It-Yourself Kit" doesn't look quite as elegant as the Cucciolo, especially because you would not be able to change gears. Also, I would like to be able to pedal my bike, and I don't know if all of these kits allow that.   

       Do you know if any of these are available in the US in any form?   

       If I have the time and money, I will try to buy a small engine like one of these weed whacker motors and adapt it to fit my bike.
discontinuuity, Jul 21 2005

       In the UK, my Cyclemaster (a Raleigh bicycle with the engine built into the back wheel, which I could out-pace on a standard bicycle) required an MOT, registration, insurance and license. That's why there are not many IC engine bicycles on the road. Motor vehicles in this class do seem to be over-regulated somewhat.
Ling, Jul 21 2005

       The best way to mount this engine on my 21 speed bike would be to shift into 2nd gear on the front deraileur (1st gear is only for extreme hills anyway) and connect the sprocket of the engine to the (now free) 1st gear sprocket with a short length of chain.   

       This would still allow 14 forward gears (not that my bicycle has reverse) and would let you pedal the bike, even when the engine is running, that is if you matched the gear ratios properly.   

       You would also attach some extra foot rests ahead or behind of the regular pedals with throttle and clutch controls. There might be a more graceful way to allow the pedals to remain stationary while the chains and wheels move, but I don't know how that would work exactly.
discontinuuity, Jul 22 2005

       Baked, I have seen couple lowrider style mopeds like this in New Brighton bike shop her in New Zealand. I will give a fishbone for this idea. I have designed a few human powered utility scooters and every time someone suggests I should put a motor on it I see red! Why spoil totally good and efficient vehicle with a noisy motor? .
Pellepeloton, Feb 23 2008


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