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Cuddly Love Deconstructor Reconstructor

i'm gonna keep on lovin you!
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gather up all of your old stuffed animals, those no longer deserving of your love

load them into the hopper of this machine

watch as they are mangled and torn apart

then out the other end of the machine a standard format mutant teddy bear re-manufactured from selected input materials emerges ready to be loved

a mutant factory reissues fresh loveability

a song plays loudly during the entire process not sure of the name but its from the eighties "i'm gonna keep on lovin you, because its the only thing i wanna do, i don't wanna sleep i just wanna keep on lovin you oooo.."

vfrackis, May 01 2009

Here you go, [vfrackis] http://www.youtube....watch?v=FgT_mJXbvCQ
To be listened to while reading this idea? [nineteenthly, May 01 2009]

A "warmer" solution. Recyclabear_20Insulation
[WcW, May 02 2009]

In defense of teddy bears http://www.lecraic....nseofteddybears.jpg
[Voice, Sep 29 2010]

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       not an idea - a bad dream.
po, May 01 2009

       hugs 21.
po, May 01 2009

       Ohhhh no. You'll not get your hands on my ol' Pepsi. Not pink fuzzy Pepsi. STAY AWAY!!!
blissmiss, May 01 2009

       PO, 21 this is exactly the opposite reaction i had hoped for   

       some people have bags and bags of unloved stuffed animals that find their way to one place usually - a landfill or worse they have a spike jammed through their back as they are affixed to the front of the garbage truck if they're lucky enough to have encountered at curbside a trash man with a sliver of love in their heart.   

       I am by no means suggesting taking the most beloved teddy bears only those who have been stripped of love and are seen as refuse
vfrackis, May 01 2009

       it's po.   

       sp: they're
po, May 01 2009

       it's blissmiss   

       and it's ooohh. Then yes I do like this idea.
blissmiss, May 01 2009

       Do you think, maybe, that the origin of the problem is psychological? I have been involved in parent and toddler groups and i don't know why but the practice of, for example, throwing soft toys into boxes at the end has always been frowned upon in a sort of stern as opposed to cutesy way. I've always assumed that this was because it was likely to encourage cruelty in later life or perhaps distress the teenies.
These are unloved teddies who are forever unable to regain that love. They need to be loved. I can imagine myself in the sixth decade of the twenty-first century, abandoned by [grayure], [eleventeenthly] and the Holly Grail, pining sadly in some gutter before being picked up by some kind of gigantic shredding machine, never again to be beloved of any living being. This is not a terribly cheery prospect for me and perhaps arises from taking this rather too much to heart.
I would prefer to fail completely to let go of the past in the following manner: the ex-bear lovers should enter into relationship therapy involving hypnotherapeutic regression in the presence of their soft toys, to recapture that infantile attachment, thereby saving them from the shredder by rekindling the attachment.
But maybe i have issues in letting go of the past.
nineteenthly, May 01 2009

       nineteenthly, hey if you need to talk to someone sometime i am here for you.
vfrackis, May 02 2009

       Actually, it made me think of making teddy bears out of shreds of human flesh, which would be...er...
nineteenthly, May 02 2009

       Nice one, [Ian].
nineteenthly, May 03 2009

       "Deconstructor Reconstructor" Make your mind up!
gnomethang, May 03 2009


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