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Cuebert text

isometric page for IDE text block depth perception
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Braces are easily seen amoung the coloured commands because the text slightly lifts out from the page depending on its block level.

Probably the use of true isometric would be off putting to the editor's use so a better perspective would have to be sorted out.

Code, can now be beautifully coded, coloured and now shaped. A true 3D rendering of function description.

wjt, Nov 05 2016

An attempt https://www.deviant.../3DScript-848798694
Like most things in life, the reality doesn't match the dream. [wjt, Nov 05 2016, last modified Jul 15 2020]

Firefox 3D view https://developer.m.../docs/Tools/3D_View
Firefox use to come with "3D view" which did something similar in order to visualize a webpage's DOM. It was excellent fun, being able to quickly see how a webpage was structured. [mitxela, Nov 06 2016]

JS City https://github.com/.../JSCity/wiki/JSCITY
How about converting your source into a miniature metropolis, instead? [Cuit_au_Four, Nov 06 2016]


       This is good. This might need a quick-key toggle, because sometimes when I'm in the flow, I don't want to be bothered with distracting blocks. For complex debugging / reading someone else's code this would be great.
ixnaum, Nov 05 2016

       This would be excellent.
the porpoise, Nov 05 2016


       // reading someone else's code //   

       An excellent time to practice Giving In To Your Hate ...
8th of 7, Nov 05 2016

       Taking it a step too far.   

       With a large program, taking a 2d slice would give a square waveform. Scaling and tempo adjustment might give a musical fingerprint of the code. But it would be nice if the scaling and tempo values were somehow intrinsic.   

       Maybe common program errors have an acoustic signature. Oh no that sounds like an extra ; , no wonder the program fails have that subtle jazz rift.
wjt, Nov 07 2016


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