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datagrid builder plugin

for all types of js datagrids - helps you construct the grid
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Say you chose bootgrid, then decided to change to knockoutgrid or check out jqueryUi grid or angulargrid...

You have to read all the documentation and painstakingly create the layout and code.

But all the grids basically have the same settings and most do exactly the same thing: show, sort, filter, search, allow selection on columns and rows, and may allow editing etc. (When there are differences it could be part of the documentation and grayed out with a message: "available in PHPGrid only" etc. )

It could be created from existing data, or by defining manually the fields. It would give mock data if not connected yet to a service, and would supply what the service http call would be expected to look like.

If server side code is involved (like in phpgrid) it could give the basic sample code (in the selected programming language, if that is an option).

A Balsamiq type of heading definition could also be available, and it would create mockup data on the fly, accordingly, with the usual options for common types of data, hidden fields (that is data that don't show in columns), calculated fields and format.

Common types of data are data with the letters ID or Id at the beginning or end, SSN, email, dates, credit card numbers (showing only a few digits), firstname-lastname, zip, city, password, etc. etc. )

The choices of how to create the code for this grid will be suggested once you finished your definitions. It will then create the javascript, html, css, script and css links (first checking if they are already defined, and if there is some doubt asking the user).

It will also create code to populate contents (such as another grid, list, form or a set of readonly label+textbox pairs, with the information from the client selected

It will support theming and i18n with the click of a button.

It will have a basic and advanced mode, along with several templates for common types of grids (master-details or data- input etc.) .

This greasmonkey plugin, or open source piece of code will be incorporated in all the JSFiddle, Bootply and Plunqit type websites.

pashute, Aug 19 2015

what is a data grid ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_grid
ok [popbottle, Aug 20 2015]


       no no! not that data grid. Data grids like these: System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid, jsGrid, JQuery.BootGrid, Gridstack.js etc. This is under "Programming"
pashute, Aug 24 2015


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