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Curmudgeon Night School

For Old Guys Who Haven’t The Knack
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For many men (and some of the women), making the transition from quasi-normal human being to crusty irascible cantankerous old coot can be a daunting challenge. Do it wrong, and you could come off pissy, cruel, or, sadly funny. Curmudgeon Night School solves that problem by teaching the appropriate skills discreetly and in the dead of night.

(Note: This is not a “School for Scoundrels” --- that was baked in a movie.)

Grogster, Aug 10 2010


       From the summary, you'd think that this was an ad for Viagra.
DrWorm, Aug 11 2010

       I would like to see the curriculum first please...
xandram, Aug 11 2010

I'd walk to the campus but only if it was still uphill both ways like back in the day.

       [xandram] I'm pretty sure the curriculum's weighted towards humor and self deprecation. You'd learn to say "Kids these days!" properly (that is, with irony) and when to deploy the phrase "Get off my lawn!"
mouseposture, Aug 12 2010

       //... I would like to see the curriculum...//   

       [xandram], that may be rather more difficult that I had first imagined. As soon as I mentioned the idea to the neighborhood curmudgeons, they were off and running. The next thing I knew curmudgeons had taken over and were running the entire school. The long and the short of it is that most of them have forgotten (if they ever knew) that it was my idea that launched the school.   

       The Admissions Office is staffed by a dumpy grumpy frumpy elderly woman who looked me up and down, then advised me with a contemptuous flourish that, "...If you had an ounce of gumption, you'd have gotten off your duff yesterday and... EXCUSE ME, are you listening to me?..."
Grogster, Aug 12 2010

       One problem I can see is that I'm sleeping in the middle of the night, so maybe we can get those headphones with subliminal curmudgeon messages. Ah, here's a crusty old bun. +
xandram, Aug 12 2010


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