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Dinner daleks

Minitank playground attendants
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When i was a child, daleks only attended school fetes and were never found in everyday school life. If playground attendants had come to school as daleks, it might have been easier to prevent disorder among the children. Firstly, the children would have positive associations with daleks while at the same time being somewhat afraid of them, so they would be more effective authority figures than unprotected human adults. Secondly, the daleks would be protected physically from physical assault. Thirdly, if they came and left the school disguised as daleks, their identity would be protected and they would not be victimised. With the return of Dr Who, this is an idea whose time has come again.
This could only be applied to schools whose playgrounds are level and without steps.
nineteenthly, Nov 12 2004

(?) Some Daleks, yesterday http://www.daleklinks.co.uk/index.asp
[zen_tom, Nov 12 2004]

It seems a few went off the rails... http://www.thesun.c...dged-from-pond.html
[Dub, Feb 24 2013]


       this school is in a victorian building with 4 floors and no lift. capability for stairs please and a most definite crumbly pastry for you.
po, Nov 12 2004

       My experience of kids is that persuasion works better than threats when it comes to control. Any display of force will be viewed as a challenge: the Dalek will swiftly be disassembled with table knives smuggled from the dining hall and it's workings will be jammed up with chewing gum.   

       On the other hand, Daleks in the playground - how cool would that be? [+]
wagster, Nov 12 2004

       As long as the word "exterminate!" doesn't become an empty threat. Kids soon pick up on empty threats.
thud, Nov 12 2004

       I would like to point out that in this idea, daleks do not come to dinner. Unless the author is one of those who refer to lunch as dinner, then later on have supper, and probably tea or brunch or something too.
bungston, Nov 12 2004

       09:00 Breakfast 10:00 Brunch 11:00 Elevenses 13:00 Lunch/Dinner 15:00 Afternoon snack 17:00 Tea+cake 18:00 G&T + peanuts 19:00 Supper/Dinner 20:00 Dessert 23:00 Nightcap and an after eight.   

       09:00 Breakfast...
wagster, Nov 12 2004

       Breakfast braleks? Lunch laleks?
I called them "dinner ladies" back in the 'seventies in my unreconstructed childhood, when i also referred to lunch as "dinner". I did also think of dalek dinners, but this would presumably be what daleks eat, and i'm not sure they do.
[wagster], you're forgetting tupper and midnight feasts.
nineteenthly, Nov 12 2004

       You know, I saw the title of this and misread it as "Dimmer Daleks," thinking it had to do with either unthinking killer robots with the aptitude of a gas pump, or thinking killer robots that liked mood lighting.
shapu, Nov 12 2004

       Midnight feasts I forgot, but what the hell is "tupper"?
wagster, Nov 12 2004

       I'm not certain, but I'd wager it was the origin of an entire line of leftover food storage devices.....
normzone, Nov 12 2004

       Halflings everywhere are asking where 2nd breakfast is.
thud, Nov 12 2004

       Yes, "tupper" as in Tupperware. Clearly a forgotten feast. I think there must be about fifteen meals a day by now.
Daleks themselves are already pretty dim, since they are really glorified wheelchairs.
And with that link, it can be baked!
nineteenthly, Nov 12 2004

       I, lagerdalek, of course have to give you a + vote :). I'm not sure if it's a valid proposition, but it's a damn good idea.
lagerdalek, Jul 20 2005

       I cannot help wondering what type of school [19thly] went to, where daleks appear at fetes and the playground attendants not only need physical protection from preteen schoolchildren, but believe that wearing an inverted dustbin will afford such protection.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2013

       [+] despite the suspicion that the poster's been sampling the product again. "Exterminating" seems a bit harsh... a medium strength integrated van der Graaff perhaps.   

       There's enough Google hits for "taser tag" to renew my faith in humanity for a time.
FlyingToaster, Feb 25 2013


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