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Curved Corduroys

instead of the corduroy running in straight lines, it runs in curves
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Corduroy fabric has been limited by the straight line for too long. Why must corduroys always doggedly follow the straight, parallel line from love handles to loafers? Why must the shortest distance between two points always be the best? It's time for the corduroy industry to reassert itself by making some corduroy fabric that breaks with tradition and follows the curve into the unknown.

A slow curve would be the first step. Not too radical, just different enough to stand out from the crowd. Next would be a wavy pattern that curves back and forth, or even traces more complex patterns, like the fractals of a branching tree or leaf.

What natural object follows a straight line? It is a purely human invention made inhuman by mass production. We are surrounded by straight lines, but curves comfort us. Look at Frank Gehry's architectural triumphs in returning buildings to more natural shapes and textures. Curved corduroys can be the next step in this direction.

berg, Feb 18 2004

(?) Chenille http://shop.store.y...ating-chenille.html
For a close comparison to corduroy , click on the solid chenille sample pictures, and then a color like Chase Chenille Dresden.. [jurist, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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Detly, Feb 18 2004

       Isn't any corduroy-like cotton fabric that doesn't automatically conform to lengthwise cords or ridges automatically classified as "chenille", by default? I've certainly seen a lot of chenille bedspreads and bathrobes with curved designs.[link]
jurist, Feb 19 2004

       [UB] Neither Corduroy nor Chenille are actually listed in the www. Housefabric.com Fabric Glossary you linked to. Did you mean to direct us to another area for additional education? Or did you just mean for the rest of us to drop the subject, remove the post and screw off, in general?
jurist, Feb 19 2004

       In fact, could you make trousers with optical illusion-like lines of cord on them to make my bum look smaller? Maybe closer together on the big(ger) bits or curving slightly inward? One corduroy catsuit for me if so!(I've never seen a corduroy catsuit, have you?)
squeak, Feb 19 2004

       Starry night pants.... I'd buy.
MuddyBuddy, Feb 19 2004

       buzzz Baked.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 19 2004

       I am at the moment wearing pants made from some old paisley curtain material,and they swish around like billy-o,but never opening enough to reveal anything outstanding.
Loft Nuthouse, Feb 19 2004

       Best Idea Today!
The Kat, Feb 19 2004

       The fabric may exist - but has anyone ever seen the trousers? I'd buy them - preferably bell-bottoms.
wagster, Nov 22 2004

       Hey UnaBubba, Isn't there an old joke about corduroy pillows making headlines? You knew that, didn't you?
sledboy, Nov 23 2004

       //What natural object follows a straight line?//   

       My ol' man.
stupop, Nov 24 2004

energy guy, Nov 24 2004


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