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Panty pants

Make jeans with panties sewed into them to further define butts
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Jeans will have all kinds of panties and thongs sewed the outside of them so a woman's shape can be further appreciated and we can see how they look in panties and thongs while fully dressed. There can be millions of designs according to a woman's desires. Contact me at ny994eva@aol.com for patents and liscensing.
vinnygio, Sep 30 2001


       This is what imaginations are for . . . no external panty assist needed.
bristolz, Sep 30 2001

       ...."idea" number 283 that could only have been thought up by a guy.   

       vinnygio, if you stick around the 1/2 B, try to be less annoying.
Susen, Sep 30 2001

       Wearing underwear on the outside? Baked by Madonna....and Mr Bean!
Helium, Sep 30 2001

       Somewhat baked in the form of extremely tight-fitting pants, yes?
wiml, Sep 30 2001

       I think I prefer the alternative of the underwear showing above the waistband of the trousers. I believe this is sometimes intentional, and when combined with the g-string an excellent way of avoiding VPL whilst preserving something of the natural order of garmentry (and looking damned saucy). Perhaps (and here i may be further embarrassing mankind) you could attach g-strings to the *insides* of jeans to avoid them riding up.
pottedstu, Oct 01 2001

       Forgive me if I'm out of line here (wrong gender, I mean) but would it help you boys if your trousers had a garter of velcro sewn onto the inside (externally imperceptible of course). Boxer shorts could then be prevented from riding up, or simply kept flat-ish when wearing slightly tighter trousers.
Vinnygio(nes) sounds like a candidate for [m-f-d] to me, by the way.
lewisgirl, Oct 01 2001

       Hmm... that could certainly reduce the occurence of the major health hazard known fearfully as "the wedgie". It'd make a fairly embarrasing sound if you bent over too quickly though.
CoolerKing, Oct 01 2001

       yeeeugh! RT, you are clearly a tight jeans sorta guy.
touché? well, if you will put photos of me with unfortunately shiny bosoms on the web, I am forced to retaliate!
lewisgirl, Oct 01 2001

       SdG: Obviously not.
DrBob, Oct 01 2001

       Peter, that's only you fashionable guys who shop at The Gap.
DrBob, Oct 01 2001

       Is that liscencing as in lascivorous? Good god, talk to the other sex, such as it is. Advertising is one thing; communicating is another.
hagfish, Oct 01 2001

       //' I thought we were all trying to *avoid* pant/y lines...? '//
angel, Oct 02 2001


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