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Custard Filled Candles

Because someone must do it
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Candles that have wax poured over a cylinder of custard. The custard is held in place by parchment paper.

As the wax melts, the custard, all warm and silken, oozes out ever so gradually, all over your table.

Very romantic, if you like custard.

blissmiss, Jun 18 2014


       + I ususally do not like custard ideas, but this is so lovely [blissy]. Please provide handsome waiter to clean off the table afterwards!
xandram, Jun 18 2014

       Could be available as a whole range, also including chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, or cheese.
pocmloc, Jun 18 2014

       GROG like custard.   

       GROG eat candle.   

       GROG eat table.   

       GROG look at you funny... make you wish you had wiped that custard off your chin just a little sooner.   



       'scuse me.
Grogster, Jun 19 2014

       Even though I think this is borderline strange and could get horribly messy in that sort of 'oh, now we have to clean up, back to reality' sort of way, unfortunately anything that involves custard usually gets my vote.
Notes, Jan 09 2017

       Sorry, this is impractical in the wrong sort of way.
Voice, Jan 09 2017


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