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Custard filled G-spot bump

female physicians implement a collagen bump at the G spot that is particularly arousing at the right stroking frequency
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The custard filled speed bump has approached parody at the .5b yet it still creates new ideas. Just a little more physiologically novel than ear piercing is the custard filled G spot bump.

Brave female physicians inject their G spots with a blob of neutral collagen to create a touch pressure enhanced area. After they try it with their partners they then create the dilatant custard polymer version that at particular stroking frequencies brings more or better arranged pressure to the G spot. The main emphasis is the womans pleasure, there may be those that also value being able to create a particularly pleasant Tight sensation at the vagina as well.

Again, the brave female physicians perhaps measure the narrowest area at a Kegel exercise, placing the neutral collagen or movement reactive custard there. Women could choose the dilatant polymer version that goes particularly well with their preferred stroking frequency to give the If she feels tight you are doing it right mnemonic for advertising.

Potentially valuable or amusing Physics version Then there is the Many Worlds Interpretation of physics custard filled G spot bump version. This uses the MWI version of physics with the piezophotonically active reactive custard to actually cause say hundreds of billions of copy universes (from quantum emissions) to come into being while the reactive custard is being stroked at the most arousing frequency, thus permitting the woman to think, “well out of the 10^42 parallel universes or more being created each second, hundreds of billions of copies of me are being produced only at universes where I'm verging on as well as having orgasms”

beanangel, Dec 02 2011


       Think you missed an easy muffin storm here Beany.   

       If you distilled this down to "collagen injection below g-spot to help people find it" you've got an interesting idea.   

       You loose me with the parallel universe stuff though.
doctorremulac3, Dec 02 2011

       This....no, wait. I... it...but....   

       Hang on. I'll get back to you on this one.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 02 2011

       Im trying to figure out the ethical meaning of 2011 current physics, MWI. thus a tiny blob of polymer that creates a vast number of women many times larger than the population of the earth having orgasms, 60 times per minute, appears to be a highly beneficial application.   

       It must be said though that intentionality amidst multitudes of creation from quantum events is rather startling. Walking on carpet generates many orders of magnitude more parallel universes than walking on a monoelemental flat surface, thus there could be cheerful notices saying "duplicate emotion responsibly! if you feel happy, walk on the carpet, if you feel nihilistic, use the resonance quenched carbon fiber floor. Unnumbered quadrillions of you will be grateful"   

       also, there are a variety of amounts of support of various forms of MWI Some require absolute determinism, with time as an illusion, thus all intentionality already occured There are variations that permit new paths. I think MWI will be replaced soon though.
beanangel, Dec 02 2011

       That's very difficult to argue with.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 02 2011

       MWI ethics makes wild technology Youtube could have a "multiverse this" button where it ip routes the data through more computers causing quadrillions of new universes where people are replaying a particularly superb video. Kind of a reply to those youtube commenters who say "wheres the awesome button?" As 2011 physics goes, far people with the largest number of ip vertices actually occupy the greater media space. I hope those users of dial-up modems at Irkutsk have awesome taste.
beanangel, Dec 02 2011

       That's very difficult to argue with.
normzone, Dec 02 2011

       ^or agree with.   

       I'm a bit scared to vote on this.
FlyingToaster, Dec 02 2011

       I feel nervous even having it in my browser cache.
mouseposture, Dec 03 2011

       I think I preferred it when [beany] was in his "chlorosucrose" phase.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2011

       They merge whenever nobody is looking.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2011

       Custard filled Gräfenberg bump.   

       "Addiego et al"
skinflaps, Dec 03 2011

       "Listen, lady. It's a VAGINA, not a clown car"
Toldya it would be a tagline in an alternate universe.

       In an alternate universe wouldn't the saying be: "Look lady, it' s a clown car, not a vagina."?   

       I'm going to bun this despite my distaste for anything being injected, sliced, modified, extended, reduced, bleached, pierced or otherwise messed with when it comes to genitalia of the gentle sex.   

       Gonna bun it just for his using: "Irkutsk" in a sentence.
doctorremulac3, Dec 03 2011

       Naw, that's an alternate reality. Alternate universes are whole different critters.   


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