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Honey Gloves

"Honey I'm home"
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Elbow length velvet gloves with small soft sensual vibrating rubber nipples and faux fluffy feathers upon the gloves palms and fingers.

Small cubes of ice concealed within the delicate latex detachable thimble finger tips.

skinflaps, May 30 2013


       I thought it was a fly catcher... <backs away>
FlyingToaster, May 30 2013

       //Honey I'm home// Too late.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2013

       Magnets concealed inside clothing are attracted and repelled by magnetic gloves inducing in the others feelings they will interpret as their own, commanded only by the nearness of the wearer's touch, later soiled and stinking,
rcarty, May 30 2013

       An aditional aid could consist of a low voltage pneumatic bellow generator and inserting tubing into said gloves.
skinflaps, Jun 03 2013


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