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Custom Fantasy Football Highlight Videos

Highlight videos customized for winners of fantasy leagues
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You'd need some sort of arrangement with the NFL and the NFLPA, and get rights to the highlights and all that, but I think it would be cool. Owners of winning fantasy leagues could submit their rosters, and a piece of software would automatically cull all the touchdowns those players scored throughout the season, and assemble them into one long video clip, and burn to DVD. That would be the default option. For a little extra money, the owner could specify a roster for each week of the season, if he happened to do a lot of shuffling of players; in this case, highlights would be per-week. You could also include plays which did not result in a touchdown but some number of fantasy points scored. The premium package would of course allow the owner to pick as many plays as will fit onto one DVD, choosing from all the plays of the season, irregardless of player. I see this as a web site where you can preview your video in a little window before you order it.
cocktaillouie, Mar 12 2004


       Interesting idea - I can see the point of this, augmenting fantasy leagues with highlights of actual action
hippo, Mar 12 2024


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