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Drive the Granddaddy Off-Road Vehicles

A guided service that uses U.S. or other nation's army off-road vehicle.
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Where did all these SUV's come from? Where did the idea for such a vehicle come from? World War II and the attendant army and other armed services vehicles needed to transport people and gear over roadless terrain or primitive roads. The Jeep.

Now you can experience off-road travel in restored WW II-era vehicles. Here is the American fleet--Willys Jeep, M-37 truck, civilian spin-off Dodge Power Wagon, etc., etc. Here is the British fleet--(see Jane's encyclopedia). Here is the Russian fleet--(etc.) All fully restored and in working order. Campers will be assigned to a vehicle, each vehicle has an authentic radio for communication en route. Vehicles will form up into a convoy and proceed to the trail head. First camp will be at 1730 hours at the point marked on your topographic map. A trouble-shooter will bring up the rear to ensure everyone has a safe, enjoyable foray. No power steering, actual canned food rations leftover from WW II provided for dessert.

entremanure, May 20 2002

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Perhaps these two ideas could be put together as a package holiday. [DrBob, May 21 2002]


       That would work - similar to supercar track days, when people get to try out cars they will never actually own, for a variety of reasons. I feel reasonable certain I'll never own a Russian off-road military vehicle, but I wouldn't mind having a go in one. Or a Hummer, for that matter.
drew, May 20 2002

       I'm not sure how things work elsewhere, but in the U.S. many old military vehicles can be bought at auction or from junkyards. Not that this includes aircraft and watercraft. All minus their weaponry. Exceptions are made for modern aircraft - the U.S. doesn't like civilians breaking the sound barrier.   

       The Jeep Willy (now called Cherokee) really isn't that different from it's grandfather; the Hummer was available on the commercial market almost immediately after it's military debut.   

       That said, it would be fun to drive a tank, shoot a bazooka and take the beach at Omaha (Nebraska).
phoenix, May 20 2002

       I'm assuming the one-day, one-price option includes zebra striped pants and a shaved head?
reensure, May 20 2002

       I think the definitive offroad vehicle is probably a helicopter.
bristolz, May 21 2002

       [Unabubba] You're right, of course. The new Jeep Liberty is derivative, too.
phoenix, May 21 2002

       I agree with bristolz
kaz, May 21 2002

       You can book a session on the Land Rover test track that basically amounts to an assault course for off-roaders. So this idea is lightly browned rather than fully baked. Memo to the marketing department: I tried to have a look at their web site but it took so long to load that I lost interest.
DrBob, May 21 2002

       Whose granddaddy are you going to drive off the road with these vehicles?
beauxeault, May 21 2002

       Baked. Just join a line infantry unit in the Territorial Army. Not that I'm bitter, you understand .....
8th of 7, Jun 17 2002


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