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Custom Multivitamin Pills

You decide what you want in the pill, from a list of ingredients and dosages, and the pill is assembled for you.
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No more popping pills from 5 different bottles.

Your custom vitamin pill contains all you want, in one capsule. Of course, if the ingredients turn out to be too big for one capsule, then you take 2 or more. The point is, you get a nice ratio of all the vitamins you want in just one type of pill.

How: something like a vending machine, that resides in a drug store. It’d have a touch screen interface, and possibly an advisor to help you pick your potion. Other choices would be: an internet based order system. Check off the radio buttons, fill in the form, then your custom order will be mailed to you.

Like everything in the US, liability would become an issue that’d probably kill this idea. Gotta protect the dummies from themselves.

TIB, Oct 26 2003

Personalized Prepackaged Vitamins http://www.halfbake...packaged_20Vitamins
Right above your head. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Vitamins http://www.mitamins.com
Custom multivitamins designed to your specifications - took a few years but its now been done! [wongmeister, Feb 17 2006]

Custom Multivitamins http://www.truefitvitamins.com
Personalized Daily Complete Vitamin Formula -- just answer some questions and have them shipped directly to your door. [kylebunch, Dec 18 2006]


       Thanks for the links, but my idea is completely different. I’m thinking of a single pill that has been customized to your specs. Specifically manufactured for you. Not a collection of pills that has been pulled together from various sources and conveniently packaged :)
TIB, Oct 26 2003

       // Thanks for the links, but my idea is completely different. //   

       I wouldn't go that far. One pill vs. several pills hardly qualifies as 'completely' different. This would be better as an annotation on the other idea.
waugsqueke, Oct 26 2003

       Hey Steve, that's a great idea!! The kids would love it!
TIB, Oct 26 2003

       I had assumed that your idea would involve a blood test to see what you were lacking in, and then a pill to exactly balance it.   

       In any case, what's wrong with eating actual food?
benjamin, Oct 26 2003

       That’s exactly what I was thinking when I came up with the idea, Benjamin. Blood tests have shown that my crappy body cannot absorb magnesium and chromium (among other things) very well, so I have to take supplements. It would be so much easier to just take one pill, tailored to me. About the veggies: Many people, like myself, eat tons of veggies but still lack certain vitamins and minerals due reasons as diverse as genetic errors. Targeted supplements can only help people like this. Taking large doses of multivitamins (a shotgun blast of vitamins) can be dangerous, as to get enough of the particular vitamins and minerals you need may also poison you with the ones you don’t. Of course, as we come out of the pills and potions age, and into the genetic revolution, this idea will be pointless….
TIB, Oct 27 2003

       Personal custom supplements based on individual blood tests are available, baked. One such company is ‘Balco Labratories’, recently scandalized in the news for including the steroid-like drug THG.
Laughs Last, Oct 27 2003


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