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The Vitamin Patch

No more pills, just put a Vitamin patch on.
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Different colors for each Vitamin.

Maybe Patch Snaks too, yum.

alfold1, Oct 15 2003

Vitamin Patch https://thepatchbrand.com/
Has become a thing, tho insufficient research to determine whether they really work. [whatrock, Oct 16 2023]


       “Patch Snaks” - ???
hippo, Oct 15 2023

       Are patch snacks like beard snacks? Maybe [alfold1] died from food poisoning? Or snacking on vitamin patches?
pocmloc, Oct 15 2023

       A thing now. But does it really work?   

       Assuming it does, the dermal snack variant has merit though you'd not be able to taste it.
whatrock, Oct 16 2023

       [pocmloc] Putting out cheery messages late or confesssing? The guy is 20 years dead? You wear a beard?   

       If it was garlic bread you could taste it. Or asparagus. Not my favorite way to take supper, but it might sit happily next to a Fentanyl or nicotine patch, just for variation.   

       “Are you in pain?” “No, just taking my vitamins.”
minoradjustments, Oct 17 2023


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