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Custom fitted U-shaped neck razor.

Why pay for a haircut when you could shorten the hair on your neck?
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For the distinguished gentleman without a significant other and buddies best not trusted with sharp objects. Why pay some barber or hair stylist $10 to $50 dollars (not including 15% gratuity) only to be subjected to his life story, probing questions and hack-job that makes you look like a clown when you only needed to shorten the length of your hair on the back of your neck and be done with those unsightly "strays"? These custom-made safety razors are molded to fit the exact contours of the back of your neck. After showering, simply comb the hair on your neck in a downwards motion. Placing yourself infront of a mirror and facing a mirror, hold the handle bars so that the razor is snug against the back of your neck at the desired length (i.e.: Everything below comes off) With one downward stroke, you'll have perfectly even, tapered hair without any hair on your nape. Your custom-fitted blades can be carefully removed and sharpened with an ordinary strop (sold seperately)
RogerRam, Sep 04 2003

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       To be used only for good, never for evil.
DeathNinja, Sep 04 2003

       Lorena Bobbitt, "If we use this nifty U-shaped razor, I'll have you clean shaven as a baby in one stroke, John."
FarmerJohn, Sep 04 2003

silverstormer, Sep 04 2003

       Hopefully the governor will call first.
Zimmy, Sep 06 2003

       //With one downward stroke, you'll have perfectly even, tapered hair without any hair on your nape.//   

       With one downward stroke, you'll have perfectly even, tapered neck without any head on your nape.
stupop, Sep 06 2003


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