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Customer Care Call Back

You Get In Line, They Call You Back
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When a cell phone breaks you have to call customer care from a land-line, to deal with it. The age-old trouble with land-lines is that you're tethered to the wall. And even if you've got a cordless phone you've got to carry it around with one hand (or a crick in the neck) as you try to find ways to pass the time. When you call a "Customer Care" line, the order of calls recieved should be registered and as representatives become free, they'll just call the next number on the list. If they could some how estimate the time lapse you could take a shower or run to the store. This is an improvement on "leaving a message" because it's fewer steps and there isn't any point in "leaving a message" about the "nature of problem" with a gaint corporation because there are a limited number of solutions offered to a myriad of problems.
porpoise, May 15 2006

Call Back Hold Call_20Back_20Hold_2e
I wish this was mandatory for large businesses. [Zimmy, May 16 2006]


       The call back option should be optional, due to the need to shower, run to the store, work etc.   

       That's widely baked, though.
Texticle, May 15 2006

       Fully baked by Telus (Canadian Telephone Company) ... one of the very few things they got right.
ixnaum, May 15 2006

       I can't remember which company it was (I think it was my bank) that I had to call & go through the automated system. It was a voice recognition system & at some point I got frustrated & yelled AAArrrgh! All I want to do is talk to a Real Person!   

       The automated system replied to my astonishment: "I understand, We can do that" & transfered me to a real person within 15 seconds.   

       I try this with all automated systems now.
Zimmy, May 16 2006

       What annoys me with 'customer care' systems is that you're forced through that menu .. 'press 1, press 3, press 2, press 5' .. I've done that when I had a modem problem - I filtered through the system for about 5 minutes only to get 'turn your modem off, then on, it should sort it, thankyou for calling' <click> Thanks a bunch a-holes.   

       What we need is a similar system you can apply to your own phone. 'If you are calling to tell me about your other products and services press 1, if you are returning my call press 2, if you want more money from me, thankyou for calling' <click>   

       *evil laugh*
kuupuuluu, May 16 2006


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