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Hold for a good time

Allow callers on hold to talk to each other
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Leading out of the other on hold Ideas currently circulating.

Hello..Thank you for calling XYZ Corporation. Your Approximate hold time is 24 minutes, If you want to speak to other people on hold press 1, If you want to listen to music, press 2. ...you press 1.... Press 1 if you are male wanting to talk to female, 2 female wanting to talk to a male, 3 male to male, 4 female to female.

then you press 2 - 9 indicating the decade your age falls in, and 2 - 9 for the age of the person you want to talk to, you are then connected, and can do your hookup until its time to be serviced.

senatorjam, Nov 01 2004


       i can imagine certain callers to unemployment/social security, calling and hoping to be put on hold so they can score drugs.
benfrost, Nov 02 2004

       You're right. There's the added benefit of multitasking.
Worldgineer, Nov 02 2004

       great.. although might not work to well for companies on toll-free-numbers.
neilp, Nov 02 2004

       This would be an interesting time passer. +
sartep, Nov 02 2004

nomadic_wonderer, Nov 03 2004

       Awaiting 'Halfbakery on hold' next.
RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2004


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