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Cyclist's Anklewatch

A wristwatch that can be used as a trouserclip.
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Bicycling in long pants, trousers, slacks or jeans can be messy, or even dangerous. Many cyclists restrain the cuff or lower part of their right pant leg to keep it out of the bicycle chain. Some confine both pant legs, depending on the style of bike, pants and/or rider. This idea is aimed at constricting one pant leg, using a specially designed wristwatch.

The watchband for the watch proposed here can be made as an elasticized band or a velcro strap. Standard metal watchbands that expand greatly could probably be used with no modification. Velcro watchbands would have to be made a bit longer and stronger than is standard. Design considerations include the size of the foot and ankle, and the fact that a folded pantleg takes up space, but makes good padding.

The construction of the anklewatch is nearly standard. The only major difference is that a hinge is built into the body so that the face can be flipped up ninety degrees. This hinge is installed at the 9:00 position, and designed so that the watch face clicks into place and remains there until pushed back. Such a hinge could easily be designed and built.

The ninety-degree hinge allows the rider to see the watch face while the watchband is around the ankle. Some riders may prefer that the hinge be built at the 6:00 position, or even the 12:00 position. The watch body could then be in front of, to the side of, or behind the ankle. (A rotating face could be an option.)

Some care must be taken to avoid hitting the watch, of course, and the body of the watch must be built to allow for some shock and some exposure. The face of the watch must be able to be seen from the increased distance. Variations in fashion and utility would be possible, just as with standard watches.

The anklewatch will be removed at the end of the cyclist's journey, and returned to the standard location on the wrist. The face would be flipped back down (with consideration for any grit that may have adhered). The watch would then be as any standard wristwatch, but be ready for the next cycle trip.

The advantages of this design over some other form of trouserclip is that the watch is almost always on hand (or wrist). It will seldom be forgotten. A standard watch and band could be used as a trouser restraint, perhaps, but this design makes sure that the band is of sufficient size, and allows the cyclist to tell time while riding.

baconbrain, Jun 04 2006

Shaft-driven bicycle http://en.wikipedia...haft-driven_bicycle
An alternative solution: A shaft-driven bicycle is a chainless bicycle that uses a driveshaft instead of a chain to transmit power from the pedals to the wheel. [xaviergisz, Jun 06 2006]

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       I hate shredding my pants in my gears, and would welcome a stylish excuse to hike up a pant leg without buying specialized clothes.
epicproblem, Jun 04 2006

       What's wrong with having the watch on your wrist while cycling? You shouldn't be looking down at your ancle while in motion, you should be looking ahead. I've seen rubber a band being used to restrain a pant leg before.
BJS, Jun 05 2006

       Hey look- BB is questioning bs on his BS. I hope BB doesn't get mad at bb and take back his bb because of bs' BS.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jun 06 2006

       For a while, I just tucked my pant leg into my sock.
jellydoughnut, Jun 10 2006

       I just take a piece of poly hose about an inch long, slit it and put it around the bar near the stem and wrap my velcro strapped Expedition around it twice then point the face of the watch toward my face. As for the pants leg, I wear shorts in the Summer and tights in the winter and haven't lost track of time or frayed a pants leg in over forty years
Shiboleth, Dec 15 2006


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