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DIY Hydrogen Drone

RC zeppelin, gas not included
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Drone toys have short battery lives because of the energy required to keep them aloft. Lighter-than-air devices seem to make sense to address this, and that's probably a big reason why helium drone toys are baked (although unfortunately uncommon). Helium is expensive, though, and such toys either require the user to get their device filled from a third- party vendor or deal with the complications of getting helium shipped with the toy. Proposed is a drone toy that includes a water electrolysis kit so the end user can fill or refill the air chamber with hydrogen. The gas needn't ever be compressed very much at all.
kevinthenerd, Mar 12 2017


       The excitement factor is going to drop if a blimp is attached to those racing drones. Although, birds do have hollow bones for weight reduction.
wjt, Mar 12 2017

       // The gas needn't ever be compressed very much at all. //   

       The whole point is that , unless required to maintain structural integrity i.e. a blimp, the gas is at atmospheric pressure; that's certainly the case in a classic dirigible.
8th of 7, Mar 12 2017

       [8th], if you //fill or refill// the zep //at atmospheric pressure//, you'd need to be rather patient, no? It doesn't need to be pressurized in the gas bag, but your filler bottle would probably want at least a couple of PSIG.
lurch, Mar 12 2017

       The storage containers would be HP, but the pressure difference to get the gas into a bag need only be a few Pascals. Zepp bags were "atmospheric" and indeed had vent valves, so that if the ship rose above its pressure altitude, the gas could vent to prevent bursting.
8th of 7, Mar 12 2017

       If the "Low Hydrogen" status light comes on when the wall-wart is plugged in to recharge the batteries, inject a cc or so of water into the H2O port.
FlyingToaster, Mar 12 2017


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