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De-/re-fenestrating drone

No need to go outside
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A drone could be configured to be launched out of a window of a building, and to re-enter a window for landing. This may require it to unfold and refold itself in flight, and/or turn sideways, if the window is too narrow otherwise. It could use a launch and recovery apparatus mounted inside the window. If the window was equipped to open and close automatically, that would be even better. Now you don't need to go outside to launch and recover your drone.

Note: May not be legal in your jurisdiction, due to rules such as that you must have visual contact with your drone at all times. :(

N/A [probably before 2012]

notexactly, Dec 06 2018

Prior art that reminded me to post this Drone flaps
by [beany] [notexactly, Dec 06 2018]

Completely unrelated prior art that I saw earlier today, but that didn't remind me of this, at least consciously, but did remind me of the word "defenestration", which enhanced this idea's title Defenestration 'Bot
by [FT] [notexactly, Dec 06 2018]


       I'm disappointed. I was expecting a drone capable of physically removing individuals from building via the nearest available window.
Selky, Dec 09 2018

       A drone can be stored outdoors, just under the lower end of the roof, where the roof protrudes from the top of the wall. The drone can be mounted on a slide and the alarm can release the drone from the (ski jumping) slide and disconnect a wire that keeps the battery of the drone charged.
jratkai, May 18 2022

       What [Selky] said. [-]
Voice, May 18 2022


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