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Family PC

Multi user and Family PC, Hard Drive for every family member
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How about using a special hard drive for each family member instead of many PCs at the same home. Every member can have his own operating system with his own environment, spciality and themes, without any concern about hachers or virus attacks if another member had such problem. This can be used as well in companies working in shifts so that each employee can has his own drive and environment as well. Those users who like to try new software packages or operating systems and worry about their stable environment can use it as well. I did that at home and have three working hard drives. We can go up to eight working drives at the same PC. This idea has no nothing to do with Mobile Rack. All Hard Drives are installed and controlled inside your PC.

Using different user accounts by windows XP does not protect your hard drive againest hackers or virus when the other user been attacked. It is the same drive at the end of the day.

Yet it is only one CPU, one Bios, one vga and so on. It is much cheeper than many new PCs. The only disadvantage I agree about is that when two user want to access the same PC at the same time.

essamsweif, May 28 2003

hyperos http://www.hyperos2002.com/
this tool let's you run muliple OSs on the same machine.. although I think what you're trying to acheive could be solved by having different user accounts [neilp, Oct 17 2004]


       This is surely baked by a family of geeks in or around Silicon Valley.
sild, May 28 2003

       What I think is more appropriate for home use is multiple PCs with a shared storage unit, printer(s) and Internet connection. But that is easily Bakeable.
DrCurry, May 28 2003

       Exactamundo. A "Family PC" would be a work-around, not a solution.
DrCurry, May 28 2003

       hmm, 4 hard drives in one machine... Somewhat more pricy and might need more cooling inside the PC. And a virus could possibly whipe out all the hard drives at once...
DarkRanger, Jun 02 2003

       just a nagging point for me....can we say computer instead of PC? that *word* just pisses me off somehow...
igirl, Jun 02 2003

       Your idea is flawed. Most people in this world run all of their Windows XP user accounts as part of the Admin group. If you were to change every day-to-day account to be a member of the Users group, this entire problem would be pretty much solved.   

       When your account is part of the Users group, you are only allowed to make changes in your home directory, nothing system-wide or that would affect another user. If you need to install an application or some other system-wide change, you simple select "Run As" from the context menu and type the Admin password.
Jambam, Jul 29 2005

       First of all, you could use partitions. Second, if a computer gets "hached," or a virus gets on it, the "hacher" or virus can access all the drives.
-----, Oct 02 2005

       It's called unix. Just use a mainframe with a few graphical terminals.
Akabaka, Oct 02 2005

       Yeah, not really a new idea, and it works a whole lot better if you just do it virtually with user accounts. if you really want to talk about *physically* separating the users, it's called a mainframe/workstation system, except a little backwards in a weird way. big deal. people have been using those for probably two decades.
Agamemnon, Feb 15 2007


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