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DIY Warranty

For people that fix their own cars!
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Being a relatively accomplished mechanic there are very few repairs that I cant complete on my own. The only problem comes in when I have to fix something under warranty, then I need to go to a licensed shop to have them do the repair and bill the warranty company.

I propose a Warranty Program for DIY mechanics. A quote from a licensed shop would be required for certain jobs to ensure that the right problem is being fixed. The warranty company would then pay a fixed rate based on the same models currently in use however they would not include labor charges, only the parts.

This system would save the Warranty company on a considerable amount of labor charges and would reduce overall cost of these warranties while still allowing me to fix my own car.

jhomrighaus, May 17 2007


       Makes sense, though the mechanics would throw screaming fits.
5th Earth, May 18 2007

       The only thing wrong with this idea is that it is too sane! It makes a lot of sense, assuming that the car manufacturers are sincere in their intentions; which assumption is, however, questionable. The same would go for modified-classic financing/insurance/etc.   

       Bun, of course.
Ned_Ludd, May 18 2007

       I could see how this could work, but you might want to have some kind of certification process so some schmoe doesn't completely ruin his car making repairs.
discontinuuity, May 18 2007

       You just add a schmoe clause to the DIY Warranty [rr-t]. What would a warranty be without clauses and exceptions?
craigts, May 18 2007

       I figured some sort of limit on the number of parts of a particular type for a given time period(I broke it while installing, or improperly installed) Basic oversight of follow-up repairs would indicate poor work as well.   

       I like the idea of the basic Certification approach(have your tools and workspace inspected and take a written test or something)
jhomrighaus, May 18 2007

       I have an aftermarket, non factory warranty on my car right now.
jhomrighaus, May 19 2007

       Yah they should have DIY apartment leases also.
LoriZ, Jan 15 2011


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