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Driver's License Bureau Auto Spa

Get your oil changed and car cleaned while updating your drivers license
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I go to the driver’s license bureau to change my address or update my license; I sometimes spend unproductive hours in wait for long periods of time. The bureaus are often located in public shopping centers. I would like to see auto "spas" placed in the same shopping centers. There I could have my oil changed, my car cleaned and waxed, etc., while waiting for bureau services.

Because all visitors to the license bureau own or drive autos, the bureau could be considered an "anchor store" for multiple auto related service businesses in the same shopping center.

Sunstone, Nov 05 2005


       Oh, you mean "auto" as in "car". I was imagining huge robotic hands that carry struggling DMV visitors to the eyebrow waxotron 2000...
jutta, Nov 05 2005


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