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black hole bars

A type of bar.
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The black hole bar is really a completely new paradigm for social interaction. Here's how it works.

You show up and pay for enterance. You and whomever you are with are thrown into pods and sent into the continuum. Pods are 5x5x20 casings that each hold one person. The continuum consists of a slowly rotating room with elastic flooring that resembles the curvature of spacetime and, at full capacity, can hold 5000 individual roaming pods.

If you are with people, all your pods will connect together, and walls will collapse to form one coagulated superpod for all of you in the continuum. As you spin around in the continuum, you collect other pods and superpods. The capacity to the room will determine the nature of the interactions. You can hold it for individual dinners and only allow 50 pods in. In the offchance that your pods meet with someone else's, you can accept the occurence and eat together, or simply detach the pods..

As the night wears on, a larger and larger superpod will form until it settles into a huge party in the middle of the continuum. At this point, the center of the superpod will be at the very center of the continuum and the event horizon will continue to grow and grow. When it gets to the edges of the continuum, there will be a 'singularity drink' served to everyone in the room, and the party will continue.

daseva, Jan 23 2007


       So how do you get rid of unwanted guests who link their box to yours?
Jscotty, Jan 23 2007

       I believe it's called "fission".
ed, Jan 23 2007

       It should be noted. Nobody directs a link to anyone. It's all self assembled through a gravity-like process.   

       Preferably, anybody could just unlatch the pods at will.
daseva, Jan 23 2007

       Fusion music in the background...
Ling, Jan 24 2007

       This really is something with Universal appeal. GumBob, you're a Star!
kdmurray, Jan 25 2007


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