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DST Alert

either an in-phone settings option or carrier-generated bi-annual mass SMS
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Not to be confused with STD Alert.

I was one of several dozen folks who arrived to work one hour late this morning. I took no less than 14 calls today from customers asking how to set the clocks on their cellphones to automatic DST update mode.

Now, of course almost every cellphone has the auto update feature. But what about all the other clocks we rely on every day, such as my 5- year old RCA that gets me up every morning? Sure you could buy an updating atomic clock, but to replace your wristwatches, pocket watches and all your clocks just for that feature is a ridiculous proposition.

Is it too much to ask to include one of the options mentioned in the subtitle as a basic courtesy feature to remind us the day before a time change to set all our other clocks accordingly?

That is all.

21 Quest, Mar 14 2010


       too bad you couldn't mark it on an in-phone calendar...
FlyingToaster, Mar 14 2010

       So...you want an alarm clock to remind you to set your alarm clock?

       As an aside, is SMS your only source of information on what's going on in the world?
phoenix, Mar 14 2010

       My phone is always on and always with me. It's not my only source of information, but it is my most reliable and consistent connection to my myriad sources, and I pay good money for it.

       The idea is just, as I stated, for a courtesy service or feature inclusion. Like a wakeup call at a hotel, even when you have a complimentary desktop alarm, watch with alarm, and cellphone with alarm.

       It's a backup. Plain and simple, and if you don't want it you could always opt out of the service or leave the feature deactivated. But a lot of folks would benefit from it. Forgetting to adjust one's alarm clock for DST is a very common mistake.
21 Quest, Mar 15 2010


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