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fart detector app

it detects who farted
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no more having to assume who farted with this new app. It detects who farted by saying "the person in front of you." or, if you register names it could say the name of your dad, too.
mlee5047, Dec 21 2011

viable mechanism: Directional_20Fart_20Detector
Note the love this post received. I don't recall who (if anybody) I was talking to in the first few annos. [FlyingToaster, Dec 21 2011]

Directional olfaction http://www.springer...t/g66xq24w11644772/
[mouseposture, Dec 21 2011]


DIYMatt, Dec 21 2011

       yes. but. how ?   

       And on behalf of your dad.... "Hey!"
FlyingToaster, Dec 21 2011

       but *the person in front of you* may have the app that mis-directs gas/odours in artful ways...
po, Dec 21 2011

       I'm interested to know what you intend to do with this useful information anyway.
po, Dec 21 2011

       Welcome to the halfbakery [mlee5047]   

       You are obviously one of our younger contributors.... a more rewarding version of your idea would be one which detects the offending smell then loudly announces "who farted?"
xenzag, Dec 21 2011

       Welcome to the HB, [mlee]! But yeah, the idea needs some mechanism...
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 21 2011

       Farty Pants would be a much better idea. A meter in the back pocket would monitor the air escaping and announce *Farty Pants*!
xandram, Dec 21 2011

       <link> It's paywalled, unfortunately, but it turns out there's a literature suggesting that directional olfaction is possible, and occurs in nature, based on differential arrival time at left vs. right nostril, (Rabbits can detect a time difference of less than 3 msec, apparently.)   

       Such a mechanism would work best with a brief but intense odor diffusing from a point source. Flatulence fits the bill perfectly. To get position from direction, you'd triangulate from several networked GPS'd devices positioned around the room (cellphones fit the bill perfectly). [+] Welcome [mlee5047]
mouseposture, Dec 21 2011

       so in that case it would seem that rabbits nostrils (unlike ours) do not work one at a time.
po, Dec 22 2011

       If we accept, as we did in the playground, that he who smelled it dealt it, then this proposed app means that we will have reached the pinnacle of man's technological progress: a farting phone.
calum, Dec 22 2011

       Great, that means it's all downhill from there. But if we're already below sea level, how much further down can we get?
RayfordSteele, Dec 22 2011

       I've trained mine to smell like roses, quite simple really once you've opened pathways of communication with your gut flora, so you will need a flower sniffing app to peg me as having dealt said flatulence.   

       So there...   


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