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DUI Bite Plate

Fail the test
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The DUI bite plate allows you to fail a Breathalyzer test even if you are not drunk. A small port in the plate is pressed against the intake of the machine and you exhale through the plate. The alcohol exchange barrier inside the plate laces your breath with alcohol to ensure a failure of any DUI test.

This Idea was edited from its original form.

jhomrighaus, Dec 18 2006

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       PRO DUI bite plate?
GutPunchLullabies, Dec 18 2006

       I want to be clear that I am in no way trying to advocate drinking and driving. Just sharing an idea that popped into my head that seemed very halfbaked. (from the ill-advised perspective that is)   

       actually I have a better idea. Ive edited the idea, it is now far better as a Halfbaked idea.
jhomrighaus, Dec 18 2006

       a small port? well o.k. if you insist.
po, Dec 18 2006

       Damn! Once again, [po] beats me to the obvious joke.
hippo, Dec 18 2006

       As opposed to a big chardonnay?
jhomrighaus, Dec 18 2006

       You could always just spray breath-freshener into your mouth first
ollie2000, Dec 18 2006

       I don't really know. Maybe you like prison? Maybe you want to experience it without putting others at risk. Seemed like a perfect place to apply a Halfbaked philosphy.
jhomrighaus, Dec 18 2006

       Fail the breathalyzer, then smugly pass the evidential blood test with flying colours. Pros: avoid prison, get some attention. Cons: inconvenience yourself and others.   

       Also this device could be put to hilarious use in the workplace by huffing alcohol fumes as you speak, thus convincing colleagues, underlings etc. that you are clangered whilst performing important administrative tasks.
Texticle, Dec 18 2006

       If you want to go to jail that bad you can just do something else. If you are driving just fine, why would the cop pull you over in the first place to administer the test? You would have to be speeding. Just wear a shirt that says: Cops, you can <blank> my <blank> and go to them and make some trouble. Although, i'm not suggesting anybody actually do this.
twitch, Dec 19 2006


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