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keep drunks on the right path
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after 2 am all street sould lose a lane.. 4 lanes go to 3 ... 3 lanes go to 2.. wide lane less people running out in to someone else lanes.. just something i was thinking of while driving home drunk one day.. that when i get my best ideas Breathalizers at the gas pump that would help.. how about after a certain time you can't buy gas with change?.. i bet people who buy $2.37 in gas are more likly to be drunk.. $5 cover chage tax... that will cause people to drink one or 2 less beers.. and you state makes money
gezzuzz, Jul 13 2004

Please read, [gez] http://www.halfbake...ea/B_2eA_2eD_2eD_2e
[Worldgineer, Oct 21 2004]

Half-bakery_20Zeitgeist_20Calendar Geological ages of the halfbakery [DrBob, Mar 28 2011]


       I'm thinking you might have been under the influence when you wrote this!
the_knights_of_ni, Jul 13 2004

       For satan's sake, stop drinking and using the computer.
python, Jul 13 2004

       Huh? I don't get what this idea's solutions are supposed to solve.
bristolz, Jul 13 2004

       Don't we have a "drunk rambling" mfd? On second thought, that would wipe out a large section of the HB.   

       [gez] What [bliss] said. Please stop.
Worldgineer, Jul 13 2004

       what [bliss], [Word] and everyone else after me will say. STOP DRINKING ADN DRIVING!
Pericles, Jul 14 2004

       I would, but I'm having trouble pronouncing "ADN"
schematics, Jul 14 2004

       "keep drunks on the right path": I hate to burst your bubble, but drunks driving are most certainly not on the right path to begin with.
half, Jul 14 2004

       sorry [schematics]; I started having trouble with typing after that third beer I just drank... and I still have to get home ;)   

       No, really... read my profile.   

       by the way... your nickname really suits you ;)
Pericles, Jul 14 2004

       thank you. adn now I understand
schematics, Jul 14 2004

       I got rear-ended by a drunk in 1980. He was doing a little over 100 at the time. I had headaches, non-stop, every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year for three years.   

       Tell me where you live.
thumbwax, Jul 15 2004

       [thumb] - you might also like to flick through the rememberance section.
Detly, Jul 15 2004

       [thumb] certainly has, I think [gez] needs to. I've linked to B.A.D.D. Someone else had before, but the link disappeared.
Worldgineer, Jul 15 2004

       [gezzuzz] posted two annos and this idea in 2004, and disappeared.   

       I wonder what the Halfbakery looked like when it had only been in existence for a few weeks.
normzone, Mar 23 2011

       It was hot and extremely dense. Energy dominated over matter, with little solid content.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 25 2011

       Colourful actually.
rcarty, Mar 27 2011

       Well, clearly, the great disk crash of '04 corresponds to the KT boundary. In fact, deposits of iridium have been detected in the old server, proving that the crash and subsequent massive extinction of HB ideas was actually caused by asteroid impact.
mouseposture, Mar 28 2011


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