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DVD/CD-ROM heads-up display windshield for car passengers

Never be bored riding "shotgun" again!
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Design a system where if you're sitting in the passenger's seat of a car, you have a "heads-up display" where you could watch a DVD movie or look up directions off of a CD-ROM. HUD unit is angled so that the driver can't see what the passenger is watching. Headphones prevent the driver form hearing what the passenger is watching. Keyboard/touchpad mouse located in glovebox to help navigate the CD-ROM disc.
muzer, Oct 07 2003


       It's never boring when I'm driving...   

       How is this better than a dedicated screen?
bristolz, Oct 07 2003

       How is this different from a dedicated screen, for that matter?
waugsqueke, Oct 07 2003

       //How is this different from a dedicated screen, for that matter?//   

       Because it's an obstruction in the windscreen.
FloridaManatee, Oct 07 2003

       [muzer] Great idea.
[bris] Driver won't be distracted.
Worldgineer, Oct 07 2003

       This assumes a HUD display projected upon the windshield.   

       How would the HUD be isolated any better than the dedicated LCD?  If projected upon the surface of the windshield in front of the passenger the angle of the glass is such, in most vehicles, the the driver will see the HUD projection. With an LCD screen the entire surface can be turned away from the driver, especially if mounted towards the centerline of the vehicle. All the driver will see is the backside of the display case.   

       Further, who wants to see the outside view "through" the movie they're watching? The fidelity of HUD, being projected and transparent is lousy for a movie experience and lousy for anything with a high density of data where the movement of the outside view interferes with the reading of the information on the HUD.
bristolz, Oct 07 2003

       baked. very baked.
-----, Oct 17 2004


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