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Externalistic anti-reflective windshield

For the benefit of those outside the vehicle
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It's beneficial to the safety and happiness of other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians if they can see the driver of a motor vehicle, for the purpose of understanding the driver's intent and hand/face signals. Unfortunately, this driver is usually behind a windshield, which reflects the sky, said sky being much brighter than said driver. Therefore, I propose that windshields be given some kind of anti-reflective surface treatment. If it's the moth-eye type [1], it could even double as a superhydrophobic surface, meaning you might not need windshield wipers!

50/343 [2018-01-28]

notexactly, May 19 2018

[1] moth-eye anti-reflective coating idea by [xaviergisz] anti-reflective coating
[notexactly, May 19 2018]


       Exactly. I always look at the car's face, when it's the driver's face that often conveys more information (though turn signals are useful).
notexactly, May 19 2018

       With vehicles being able to detect if drivers are asleep or not, the next bit of technology shoukd be for the face of the car to mimic the face of the driver. Some flexy bits on the bumper and over the headlight bezels should do the trick.
RayfordSteele, May 19 2018

       So, if the driver is asleep, the headlights will be conpletely covered?
pertinax, May 19 2018


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