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A wine kit that looks like a regular bottle of juice. For the incarcerated.
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America is imprisoning more people than ever, for all kinds of minor crimes. These people are denied access to alcohol.

D.I.Wino is a bottle of juice that is designed to have some yeast added, and an improvised plastic-bag "airlock" attached, to allow for fermentation of its juice contents.

It could come in different flavors: Apple juice, Grape juice, Peach juice, Plum juice.

wildgift, Oct 10 2007

Wikipedia: Pruno http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pruno
The current state of the art. [jutta, Oct 10 2007]

Pruno article at The Black Table http://www.blacktab...om/gillin030901.htm
Some fun reading. [baconbrain, Oct 10 2007]

Self promo - self brewing beer can Self_20Brewing_20Beer_20Can
Some similarities here perhaps [vincevincevince, Oct 13 2007]


       I suspect this is fairly widely baked in penal institutions the world over. I'm not planning on finding out though.
wagster, Oct 10 2007

       I've heard talk of a bottle of water, a crust of bread, and a piece of fruit. This would undoubtedly be an improvement.
monk, Oct 10 2007

       [jutta], thanks for the link to the Wikipedia page. It has a link to The Black Table's article on pruno--I'd read it long ago, and forgotten where. I'm putting in a link, as there's some other good stuff in The Black Table.
baconbrain, Oct 10 2007

       I thought this would be like P. F. Chang.
phoenix, Oct 13 2007

       I swear I've done this before. Making pruno, I mean. Bad, but alcoholic. Basically the self brewing beer can all over again, but for a different market. Just give the smart inmates a juice box and let them do their thing.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 13 2007

       So what were you in for, [SP]?   

       I keep misreading the title of this idea as "D.J. Wino".
lostdog, Oct 13 2007

       Let's think for a moment. I started homebrewing beer, wine, and the occasional odd experiment in 1988.   

       Apricots, cherrys, rice, malt, grapes.   

       Watermelon, corn sugar, cane sugar, honey.   

       Peaches, hops, yeast, apples.   

       Nope. Still can't vote for this idea.
normzone, Oct 13 2007

       At the time, I wasn't in jail. I just wanted to experiment with it. And then my gay friend went to jail and started making it with my recipe. Actually, it turns out that kids might be slipping inmates their juice boxes (Mr. Gay told me. I think he enjoyed the showers way too much.) Personally, I tried his pruno, gagged, and added a bit of vodka to make it better. Vodka is tasteless, but drunkedness is a great thing. To boost patience, I mean. Anyways, pruno sucks. If this idea is basically better-tasting pruno, (+)!
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 14 2007


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