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Dada Ping-Pong Poetry

make random dada poetry by playing ping-pong
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Dada Ping Pong Poetry is a method of generating totally random assemblages of printed symbols, numerals and letters, using ping-pong game paraphernalia.

Here's what's required:
One ping-pong table plus bats.
One plus sized ink pad, to cover about half the area of the table.
One large piece of paper held against a wall.
One set of IBM type typewriter golf balls with a variety of fonts and other characters.

To create your dada poetry, you simple play a game of ping-pong, only instead of a facing opponent, you hit the IBM golf balls against the paper that's placed in contact with the opposite wall. The trajectory of the balls must include a glancing blow on the ink pad placed on the table, so that individual letters or symbols are inked up, enabling them to make a print when they bounce back off the paper wall.

Given some practice, a good 'player' should be able to keep the golf ball bouncing backwards and forwards for several rallies, and build up a completely random pattern of letters.

Advanced 'game' features two players and two balls along with two colours of ink. (red and black of course) Creating an actual word is an almost impossible event, but in randomness, you never know what's going to happen - the works of Shakespeare awaits. Totally numeral version can be used as a lottery or bingo number generator.

xenzag, Dec 26 2019

IBM golf ball https://en.wikipedi...electric_typewriter
[xenzag, Dec 26 2019]

Dada Poetry https://www.google....=1152&bih=682&dpr=2
[xenzag, Dec 26 2019]



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pocmloc, Dec 26 2019

       A fine example. Well done the [pocmloc] - have this croissant crumb for your goldfish [+]
xenzag, Dec 26 2019


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