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Pastry Dymo

type mesaages and bake them unto cakes and buns
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You can still get Dymotape machines. I use mine all the time. The simple principle employed by the device of embossing letters into a strip of plastic has now been taken up in the world of cooking equipment with the launch of the Pastry Dymo Machine.

The pastry for the machine comes prepacked with the coiled strip being protected by a thin grease proof paper backing. As it can't be stored for an indefinite period of time, various lengths are available to reduce wastage.

Pastry Dymo replaces the roll of plastic tape with the one described made of pastry. It's a slightly larger machine to cope with the extra bulk of the pastry roll, but otherwise works in the same manner, with the pastry advancing as each letter is stamped unto its surface.

The pastry strip emerges from the machine in exactly the same manner as that of the plastic strip with the selected words and letters stamped into its surface. These can then be added to cakes or buns to create various baked messages and greetings, or dipped in soup like elongated bread sticks.

xenzag, Sep 23 2017


       Excellent, I'll take two.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 23 2017


       If the device had an extruder-type section which forced the pastry out in a thin strip directly before the embosser, then it could be loaded by the user with freshly-made pastry as required, thus minimizing waste.
8th of 7, Sep 23 2017

       True, but pastry is quite dense and would require enormous pressure, and this would also diminish the comparison with the original Dymo with its drop in cartridge system.
xenzag, Sep 23 2017

       Much more sensible than a pastry dynamo. Let me print out a hot cross bun.
RayfordSteele, Sep 23 2017

       I sense this idea reaching Martha Stewart followers and pies with words like "happy holidays" written as a grid on them. Hmmmmm...
beanangel, Sep 23 2017

       Bleach... "Happy holidays." Just because she went to prison doesn't mean we have to banish her followers there, too.
RayfordSteele, Sep 24 2017


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