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Dagger thumbtack

A little Crocodile Dundee
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These thumbtacks have conventional spikes, but rather than the plastic push part they are miniature daggers, complete with guard and handle. In the set of 5 types you will get dagger tacks of varying styles including Poniard, Bowie, Ninja, Swiss Army and Scimitar.

Here at BUNGCO there is a guy named Smed who can throw the Bowie version with great accuracy. We gave him a bonus, to stay on his good side.

bungston, Aug 01 2005

Sword picks http://www.instawar...s.SPI-40000.0.7.htm
Not really the same thing at all... [phoenix, Aug 02 2005]

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       If ENRON had made these instead of illegal commodity trades, they'd be all right today.
reensure, Aug 02 2005

       I swear I’ve seen this, but since I can’t find it… + Perhaps it was a dream.
Shz, Aug 02 2005

       + You could make a SwitchBlade model as well.
Kcsolutions123, Aug 02 2005

       A scimitar version sounds slightly awkward. [+] for the concept though.
hidden truths, Aug 02 2005

       You could have tiny shuriken and practice thowing them with ninja-like grace and accuracy!
pooduck, Aug 02 2005

       True story: My mechanic's name is Flem.
shapu, Aug 02 2005

       tiny nunchuks
hippo, Aug 02 2005

       Can we just skip the slow building annotations and go right to the main event; tiny teenage mutant ninja turtles.
hidden truths, Aug 02 2005

       Fantastico! [+]
Machiavelli, Aug 02 2005

       I know I'd cut myself on these. I assume the swiss army version comes with a tiny saw blade and eyeglasses screwdriver?
Worldgineer, Aug 02 2005


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