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Elastic Unlimited

an elastic band with a dotted line printed around its circumference
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"Drat! I'm down to my last elastic band, and it's too small to fit around this vital bundle of notes". "Don't worry - use this one." "That's very kind of you, but it's clearly far too small to do the job." "Ah yes, but if you just cut along the entire length of that dotted line, it will double in size." "Oh I see, I didn't notice that half twist - how odd"
xenzag, Mar 20 2008


       And if you do the same again, you will have two large elastic bands, albeit interlinked.   

       If you continue this process indefinitely, you will of course have an infinite quantity of elastic band.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2008

       - Extroardinarily limited in application
- Addresses a nearly non-existant problem
- Which is itself more easily and cheaply solved with a quick trip to the drug store

       In other words,   

globaltourniquet, Mar 20 2008


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