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Dalek Roomba Karcher

roomba pressure washer
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Karcher are one of the leading makers of pressure washers that many people use to clean their driveways and cars. They're good enough machines, but there's always room for an improvement and with this in mind, I've developed the Dalek Roomba Karcher.
Here's how it works:
Like all roombas, it roves around unattended, visiting every accessible nook and crannie, but being a Dalek this roomba has two extra features:
It can see via that mechanical eye on the end of its articulated head stalk, and as it's a Karcher, it has a multi directional spraying lance to "point and shoot" the water under high pressure which cleans away the dirt and stains as it moves.

Ai software contained inside the Dalek Roomba Karcher ensures that not one square inch of the area it's been instructed to clean is missed. The Dalek also contains a substantial reservoir of water, making it possible for it to be hose free for extended time periods.

Of course its final feature is the all important warning voice blaring out "Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminate" as it goes about its business of blasting a clear path along the driveway or over the surface of any vehicle.

Advanced beauty salon version repeats the words "Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate as it lasers off those pesky unwanted hairs with pin point accuracy.

xenzag, Feb 10 2022


       I only have a small and stale bun for this idea. Here you go. [+]
Voice, Feb 10 2022

       It could have many such uses.
xenzag, Feb 10 2022

       My husband would love one of these. Just to sit and look at. (That last little paragraph, makes me question your sanity, but that's a good thing, right?)
blissmiss, Feb 12 2022

       In security mode, it scans for intruders blaring "exsanguinate!"
21 Quest, Feb 12 2022


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