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Dancing Tie

Push the button on the back and it becomes a Dancing Tie!
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Well only God knows what good this could do you, but at least it means we make money.

Our ideas are endless! Wehee!

bud, May 05 2001

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       mmmmmmm a snake inside,no need for a button, press the snake,skake does dance
technobadger, May 05 2001

       lordhelpus....an over-enthusiastic, out of control, newbie (Auto-folding pants, Bottomless Pockets, Mighty Mite Man....)   

       I told PeterSealey, Unabubba, egnor, absterge, waugs, GlobalT, ravenswood, and the rest not to leave me alone on Saturdays!!!! Arrgghhh...   

       Hi bud! Welcome (and all that)....let me explain what WIBNI means and give you a couple of ground rules.......
Susen, May 05 2001

       heheh... could be straight down or bow-tie... what's a skake?
bud, May 06 2001

       tipuét, and pretty cool besides. You could incorporate the same stuff that they put into those dancing flowers/coke can things, including the clapping/musical activation. What if it stops in the "dilbert" position?
nick_n_uit, May 06 2001

       If it stops in the Dilbert Position then the pointy-haired guy drops more work on your desk.
Dog Ed, May 07 2001

       I like the idea, but I'd sure not wear one. I wear ties regularly, and as tender (read:ticklish) as my neck is, I'd go into a ber-friggin-zerk seizure if it started writhing. Now, if there were a way to make it an appendage, like a tail... (wait, that'd be extremely gross; a flesh tie, hanging out of my *shirt* :P nevermind!)
absterge, May 07 2001


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