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Dancing for Dolphins

Turn-about is fair play!
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Before we can offer them a performance, we need to introduce dolphins to the concept of an Amphitheater. Certain difficulties need to be overcome, such as the tendency for water to flow downhill and flood the stage (carrying the dolphin audience with it, unpleasantly).

Nevertheless, there is a known solution, the "fish ladder". An appropriately designed ladder could easily allow dolphins to jump from the lowest level (sea level) to successively higher water-tanks that curve halfway around the stage. And of course any dolphins in such a tank could poke their heads out of the water and look down toward the stage. It could be noted that simply because they typically won't stick their heads out very far, adjacent tank-levels don't need to differ a lot in height, making it even easier for them to shift between levels.

While it is known that dolphins primarily use sonar to see stuff, their eyesight is still pretty good. They should see people on the stage well enough. The overall motions of dancers in particular are something that this audience could certainly see well enough to appreciate.

I can't say whether or not dolphins would like human music. Dancers more-or-less need it to help the timings of their motions. Anyway, synchronized motions of groups of dancers, various acrobatic maneuvers, and pirouettes are certainly things that should be able to rivet the attention of dolphins (for all predators, the eyes are attracted to motion, heh!).

If they enjoy the performance, then we can expect them to return, with friends. Then all we have to do is figure out how to charge them admission!

Vernon, Dec 23 2011

About fish ladders http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_ladder
For anyone who doesn't already know. [Vernon, Dec 23 2011]

Not 'all' turnabouts should be fair play... http://www.aardvark...lphins-rape-people/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 23 2011]

Animal_20Rave [spidermother, Dec 24 2011]


       Make the stage out of plexiglass and place it above the pool. Give them all a real show.
RayfordSteele, Dec 23 2011

       This assumes that dolphins are at all interested in anything we do that doesn't involve free fish. Just because we have opposable thumbs that allow us to put the product of our intellect into practice doesn't mean we're the smartest creatures on the planet. I once looked a Minke whale in the eye (unexpectedly and at very close range), and I saw there an intelligence of such depth and alien structure that I might never understand it in a hundred lifetimes. For all we know, dolphins might find us boring to the utmost.   

       And, yes, I know I'm not the first to say this. I've read Hitchhiker's, just like everyone else here.
Alterother, Dec 23 2011

       My freediving mentor has dropped me in the path of a large pod of traveling dolphins a couple of times.   

       Some of them will stop to check me out momentarily, but after a few seconds of seeing me sing and dance, they rapidly move on. He will ring a bell underwater, and they'll come over to the boat briefly, but they're not as easily entertained as seals.   

       Or it could be that since they were moving fast and furious when we planted ourselves in their path, that they've really got someplace important to be and can't spare the time for us.
normzone, Dec 23 2011

       Hmm... Something rings familiar about that last scenario...
Alterother, Dec 23 2011

       Cool idea [Vernon]. I wonder what they would make of synchronized swimming.
Sorry to veer off topic... it's just kinda what I do though id'nit?

       //My freediving mentor has dropped me in the path of a large pod of traveling dolphins a couple of times.//   

Careful there [normzone], your freedive might become a free-ride.
Hmmmm, the sound of the rape whistle should travel for quite a distance underwater.


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