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Desk chair Fan Dance

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Those Irish step dancers have wiggly feet, but not much with the arms. I wondered, could it be done in reverse? I saw the germ of how it could be done on seeing a lady seated on a skateboard propelling herself along with swimming motions of the arms.

This performance would entail dancers seated on desk chairs with very low friction castor wheels. Each dancer would have two large fans, possibly extra size legal pads or desk blotters. Dancers would propel themselves about the stage surface with the fans, stopping, turning, and otherwise making beautiful dance art type things.

bungston, Nov 23 2009

"women on office chairs don't look especially pretty" http://www.debtcons...ucting-business.jpg
All you have to do is google a bit. Welcome to the Halfbakery [Angua]. [normzone, Nov 23 2009]


       Of course, the office chairs would have to be decorative, and possibly covered in bells, for the simple fact that women on office chairs don't look especially pretty. Perhaps some sort of specialised castor-wheeled seat rather than a modified office chair? I imagine that this would be similar to ballet on ice. I suspect that the noise created by the wheels would have to be somehow eradicated through the genuis of technology and physics, or just drowned out with very loud music. However, avoid making the wheels TOO low-friction, as that would not doubt result in accidents and dancers sliding off stage, fans flailing uselessly and no doubt concussing some poor member of the audience. Overall a fairly niche art, but then so is Irish step dancing.
Angua, Nov 23 2009

       I envision the troupe as cubicle monkeys of a mix of genders. The beauty would be emergent.
bungston, Nov 23 2009

       I think women in office chairs can look pretty and such a method of dancing would be available to women who use wheelchairs.   

       You might need an industrial-strength, theatrical wind fan to allow the hand fans to work and, as noted above, the fiction of the castors would need to be very low.
Aristotle, Nov 23 2009

       Totally idiotic and impractical = +
xenzag, Nov 23 2009

       //the fiction of the castors would need to be very low//   

       You mean they are very much real castors?
pocmloc, Nov 23 2009

       Ouch, mea culpa.
Aristotle, Nov 23 2009

       I like the idea of fans. The fans would come on partway into the performance to add another element. Stationary things around the stage would billow and blow with the fan to convey windspeed to spectators. The dancers could sail around at high speeds, changing direction by reorienting their fans. Unless that would be tacky.
bungston, Nov 23 2009

       Could the floor be sectionalised and actuated by hydraulic jacks, so the dancers wheel around like on a fairground waltzer?
pocmloc, Nov 23 2009

       //as that would not doubt result in accidents and dancers sliding off stage//   

       Spoil sport. +
shudderprose, Nov 23 2009

       + I have done *seat dancing* at crowded concerts, so the added bonus of wheels is just great! (I'm practicing in my office chair right now!)
xandram, Nov 23 2009

       We will want proof of that, [xan] got a picture ;-)
blissmiss, Nov 23 2009

       I so wanted this to involve deckchairs.
po, Nov 24 2009

       It could involve deck chairs if the dancers folded them up and used them as fans...
Angua, Nov 24 2009


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