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David Hasselhoff - The Boardgame

Fight against your friends as you vie to become the greatest hoff ever
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each player starts as one of many hasselhoff related characters. As you battle around a board completing many hasselhoff related life challenges you collect items unique to your character. The first person to kit themselves out in full chest hair, curly mullet, leather jacket, leather trousers/red bathing suit and release a number one hit single in germany wins.
roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005

David Hasselhoff's number one single in Germany http://history.sand...kingforfreedom.html
The root of the cliched observation that Germans love David Hasselhoff. [jutta, Oct 24 2005]

have a go playing with dave's chest http://www.waxhoff.com
good clean fun for all the family. [roy of royworld, Oct 25 2005]


       Nice idea... I would suggest Pamela Anderson the (acting as stiff-as-a-)boardgame as a second product too. Just imagine the twists and turns you could put in that!... Of course, you'd need magnetic pieces to move around the 3D 'board' [pair of buns!]
Dub, Oct 24 2005

       I'm all for this game if all events have to be read aloud in a bad German accent.   

       "You haff landed on Pahk Place. Do you vish to puhchase it oah auction it off to ze highest biddah?"
shapu, Oct 24 2005

       surely thats 'you hoff landed on...' all hoff play on words double points.
roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005

       Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light. [roy] is clearly not one of these cowards and I salute him for it [+].
DocBrown, Oct 24 2005

       The losers must listen to Hasselhoff's songs while the winner rides into the sunset in the night rider mobile.
MrDaliLlama, Oct 25 2005

       ... listening to that inane Knight Rider theme song... "ba ba ba baaaaa! ba ba ba baaaaaa! ba ba ba baaa baaa baaaaaaaa!"
Cedar Park, Oct 25 2005

       and the winner also gets to keep the chest hair forever.
roy of royworld, Oct 25 2005

       I see the link, but I'm almost positive that I don't want to look at it. Would this involve going down to the local beach and running in slow motion?
hidden truths, Oct 25 2005

       the game itself would surely involve at least one task whereby some slow motion running would be required.
roy of royworld, Oct 25 2005

       But hoff course! I want the board game piece that looks like Kit, not the one that looks like the Berlin Wall
Flux, Oct 25 2005

       no hastle just Hoff hoff hoff - I love it. +
xenzag, Oct 25 2005


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