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Defamation: The Game

He Said What Now?
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Dr. Black has been slandered! But by whom? And how? And in what form? This legal version of Clue/Cluedo may just have the answers.

Players travel from area to area using dice and asking questions. Was it Tony Blair in the House of Commons with the TV camera? Or possibly the Daily Mail in the news room with the typewriter? Or could it have been the lawyer in the courtroom with the stenographer? Maybe even the postman outside McDonalds with the flyer? Naturally this seems more normal when the scenarios are more plausible, but it just adds to the surprise when it emerges that it was Tony Blair in an office building with a megaphone.

Choose from a range of methods of libel and slander including e-mail, angry rap song or really loud shouting.

The game comes with a small booklet, which of course, nobody would ever read. It details all the possible outcomes and how they would likely result if brought to court (e.g. that people can get away with saying whatever they want in the House of Commons). This will give players some practical insight into the law as well as an entertaining game. It finishes by pointing out that unless Dr. Black is a pretty rich doctor, that he may as well grin and bear it, because he won’t be able to afford to do much about it.

hidden truths, Mar 30 2006

Cluedo/Clue http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluedo
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