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Days of your Life Toilet Paper

Each package contains as many sheets as days in a year.
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These packages of toilet paper contain as many sheets as days in a year. They can be purchased by the year, or in a decade bonus pack, each containing two free leap year sheets.
rcarty, Sep 08 2012


       Forgot your phone and started contemplating your mortality on the crapper, huh?
leinypoo13, Sep 08 2012

       If you use more than one leaf a day, does it shorten your life expectancy?
Phrontistery, Sep 08 2012

       ^Yogurt commercials tell us otherwise.
DIYMatt, Sep 08 2012

       Ah, twenty four ply.   

Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 08 2012

       Watching my life go down the crapper, literally, each day. + Interesting.
blissmiss, Sep 08 2012

       who uses one sheet a day? they better be as large as paper towels, plus two week's worth of bonus paper for when you're sick or ate at taco bell.
Voice, Sep 08 2012

       "Like sands in the hourglass..."
RayfordSteele, Sep 10 2012


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