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Napkin Rings

(One for each finger)
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When you eat overgreasy foods like spareribs or fried chicken, sometimes the oil runs all the way down your fingers. Then, horrors, if not stopped there, it starts to progress down the side of your hand. Even if you do stop it, it itches and remains sticky between your fingers during the rest of your meal.

To combat this embarrassing (or at the least, grossly messy) phenomenon, I propose Napkin Rings. This is a bag of 100 elastic rings made out of napkin.

Before chowing down on those ribs, slip one on each finger and thumb, and the grease will be stopped in its tracks. Replace any that get dirty.

phundug, Jul 18 2003


       Might I recommend rubber gloves...
waugsqueke, Jul 18 2003

       Paper gloves might be more...accepted.
phoenix, Jul 18 2003


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