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Deciduous Gym

A jungle gym made out of living trees.
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Start with a bunch of flexible saplings that are all about the same height. Carefully transplant them around the edges of a circle in the schoolyard. Then, once they have firmly taken root, strip them of large branches and slowly bend them all inwards. Lash the tops of the trees together at the center of the circle so the trees form the skeleton of a dome.

Wait a few seasons. When the trees grow new branches, gently, through molding and stem cutting, connect them so that they form the bars of a cage going across the sides of the dome.

Wait a little bit longer for the trees to grow into each other and become stronger and thicker.

Then, let the kids climb inside and play!

This way, children can be taught at an early age to be comfortable with nature. Also, planting trees is good for the environment! If you use birch, then the jungle gym will be nice and smooth too.

DrWorm, Nov 23 2009

Here's what a jungle gym looks like. http://www.domeclim...com/bdome/777_S.jpg
[DrWorm, Nov 23 2009]

(?) Prior art http://www.annashef...oads/2009/07/37.jpg
Ah, tree-bending. Think of the possibilities! [DrWorm, Nov 23 2009]

Living Willow Dome http://www.willowki...ml/make_a_dome.html
Quite common in the UK [pocmloc, Nov 23 2009]

Love this site. http://arborsculpture.blogspot.com/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 24 2009]


       Big (+)   

       Check out the link.   

       I was gonna [+] it anyways, but love the link.
FlyingToaster, Nov 23 2009

       The children will also learn the concept of delayed gratification. Something that is obsolete now. + (Is that you in the photo, Dr.?)
blissmiss, Nov 23 2009

       No, that isn't me. I can only wish that I had that chair (and that hair!).
DrWorm, Nov 23 2009

       Shame about the shoes though...
pocmloc, Nov 23 2009

       my thoughts exactly...
blissmiss, Nov 23 2009

       Great idea! [+] Actually bakeable.
Angua, Nov 24 2009

       Great links! You know, I just realized another upside: perhaps after swinging from the trees, the children would develop a fondness for the bananas in the school cafeteria.
DrWorm, Nov 24 2009


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