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Beheading Laughtracks

Plan for world domination #972x.23
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Maybe corporations should start sponsoring terrorism in a limited way by sectioning off part of the world as a completely open space to which all of the bad people will gravitate to become rock stars with violence, for the edutainment of everyone else. This of course is going to have to be Israel, so I propose that the US rename itself the United States of New Israel, chairpersoned by me, JesusHChrist, who would be in charge of the global youtube conglomerate which would then act as a sort of world wide wrestling federation with guns for terrorism-entertainment with the ring being the Levant. Everyone wins. Free popcorn with nanoparticles at every corner starbucks.
JesusHChrist, Mar 20 2015


       Oops, almost forgot, halfbakery is for new ideas that don't exist already.
JesusHChrist, Mar 20 2015

       I'm thinking you need to get out more and worry less about the news.
RayfordSteele, Mar 20 2015

       At least it's not in other:general.
normzone, Mar 20 2015

       Who is [Laughtracks] and why do you want to behead them?
hippo, Mar 20 2015

       [marked for deletion] political rant, no idea
Voice, Mar 20 2015

       WD-40 was a success on the 40th try. ( Water Displacement - Fortieth attempt at )   

       So your at "Plan for world domination #972x.23" .   

       You'll need at least 17 more attempts to reach " Plan for world domination #972x.40 "   

       Good Luck. Don't shoot.
popbottle, Mar 21 2015


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